HNH Projects & Services Sdn Bhd


HNHCMS was set up on 21st Septmeber 1995 to enhance and further expand PHNEH's field of activity encompassing project management, contract administration and training development.

The company has so far been engaged to be the project manager entrusted in ensuring completion of the RM 18M Wisma Hagemeyer in Petaling Jaya.

In terms of education, courses and seminars in contract administration etc have been conducted for employers such as Lembaga Pelabuhan Kelang, Centre of Management Technology, Brunsfield and Securities Commission.

Another area of expertise for HNHCMS is Contract Claims and Contract Advise where amongst clients served were Brunsfield, KNM Steel Construction Sdn Bhd, Sunway-PMI Sdn Bhd, Polyrak Molding.

Another area being explored is in the field of mediation/conciliation and other alternative Dispute Resolution methods.




IES Sdn Bhd


Early 1998, Intelligent Engineering System Sdn Bhd (IES Sdn Bhd) was set up by PHNEH in recognition of the importance of IT works in the context of the country's movement towards high technology and the current reliance of our local employers on foreign consultants.

 The new company augments the strengths of PHNEH's M & E experience in IT planning work. IES is primarily meant to provide a one stop service entity for the complete and intergrated M & E, IT, IBS, OA and multimedia systems, extending from masterplanning, engineering studies engineering design, project management, contract supervision, right up to operation and maintenance. Project work covers not only new facilities but also the upgrading of existing installations.

 Perunding Hashim & NEH Sdn Bhd is also actively involved in engineering / construction related education principally through courses, lectures and seminars for engineering bodies such as the association of consulting engineers and private clients.